Food4Africa Projects

Some of our projects…

Area: Rural Kwazulu-Natal

children are aged between 6 months – 5 years

Nsindisweni Creche

20 children – the creche began life in this empty container shown below.

Now the creche is in a local house. Here are the children – fit and healthy!

Siyakhula Creche

18 babies – here is Pas feeding a child her first taste of the F4A porridge.

And here are some of the children in January 2010.

Sunnyside Creche

20 children 

Masakhane Creche

35 children 

Khandandlovu Creche

64 children 

The play area was built thanks to the kind support of Kilmarnock Amateur Operatic Society (KAOS).

Sinekhono Feeding Project

160 children 

Area: Eastern Cape

children are aged between 6 months – 5 years

Masiyake pre-school

35 children 

Funduzufe pre-school

120 children 

Nonqkubela pre-school

180 children