Report from SA

What a start to my 2010! I have just returned from South Africa where I saw first-hand how all the kind donations we receive in the UK go directly to feeding children.

It is so inspiring to see how this simple process makes such a difference. It really is about raising money and using it to feed children – with nothing in the middle to detract from it. 

And, as always, everywhere I went, I saw happy, smiling children. That’s when I know it is still working…


A big thank you to Onnie, Debbie and Cameron for inviting me on your food distribution trip to the creches in Kwazulu-Natal – it was wonderful to see how the children are growing and developing. 


It was great to catch up with Gordon and Barbara from F4A SA – we don’t get to see each other often enough.

Another big thank you…this time to you guys and to Pauline for all your hard work in SA making sure our UK donations go directly to where we ask. 


Take care, Dawn


Ps Hopefully it goes without saying… however, just to re-state, all the money you donate goes to the process of feeding children. None of it goes on airfares etc, which is funded personally.

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