Welcome to our new web pages


Welcome to Food4Africa UK  

We are proud to say that the Food4Africa organisation is currently feeding over 17,000 orphaned children every day in South Africa.

Food4Africa UK is a charity which supports Food4Africa in South Africa to raise awareness and money to feed orphaned children.

This site is our opportunity to keep you up-to-date with what is happening with F4A UK, including what we are all about and which particular projects we are supporting at this time.

Please take a look at the pages on the site.

It would be great to hear your feedback!

One thought on “Welcome to our new web pages

  1. F4A UK is really doing some great work! Being in South Africa and seeing 1st hand the difference the nutritional porridge that’s supplied as a result of the UK funds makes to the children, I really hope everyone will come on board – even YOU can make the difference! Thanks to you guys in the UK for helping us in SA.

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